Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to common software tasks, using First Order Logic through N3 + OWL ontologies and rules. Enables component-based application building, platform independence, user-friendliness. Leverages on Euler inference engine , EulerGUI IDE , and Drools rules engine . The Déductions project is strongly connected to the EulerGUI Integrated Development Environment. Déductions provides the rules and models, while EulerGUI allows one to develop and run these rules.

Currently we have rules in N3 language to generate simple Create-Update applications for Java Swing platform from OWL, RDFS, or UML models (soon from eCore also).

Beside generating from models, Déduction can bring rule-based programming to existing applications, by wrapping the Drools rule engine within Semantic Web languages. Many other use cases are envisioned, see below "vision".


This project is made up of N3 rules and models for generating Java applications, convert UML and other formats into OWL, etc. These rules are enhanced daily. They can be downloaded conveniently form the SVN depot (click on "Download GNU tarball" ). But, most importantly, the Déductions rules are editable and runable with the companion project EulerGUI IDE . The runtime part of Java generated applications belongs here, but for historicals reasons is in EulerGUI project. When EulerGUI or other development tools can can be generated using the Déductions technology, there will be releases.